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Mike Parker
Iowa City, Iowa

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For Education

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Mike's presentations for those in the education field are specifically designed to focus on fueling the passion that is within educators to bring out the best in every student.     

Mike has a clear and inspiring message about the qualities found in over achieving people, teams and organizations that will help everyone lead and succeed with confidence. 

Mike is a dynamic speaker with a life changing message. For over 15 years he has been inspiring and empowering everyone from corporate leaders to young students. 


Speaker - Consultant - Coach

Inspiring you to reach your full potential,

​ignite your passion and appreciate your qualities

"Change, Challenge and Adversity are part of personal and professional life; how we deal with them is a matter of choice." 

"The next level awaits us all, but first we must find what it takes for us individually and collectively, personally and professionally to Ignite Our Full Potential."

-​Mike Parker

"Mike Parker received the highest rating of all our speakers at our management retreat.  Great mix of story-telling, humor, humility that kept everyone engaged the whole time.  Mike was the opening keynote for our event and started our day with great energy, positive boost for the attendees and left them with a practical message to walk away with.  As the person who handled the booking for our event, I can't tell you how smooth the process was.  I completed the online inquiry late one evening when I was doing some work, and I received a response back the next day.  Mike took what we were looking for and proposed the title of his session.  I received the invoice electronically, simple and easy.  After our event I also got a thank you message from Mike, which speaks to his character and appreciation.  We would be thrilled to work with Mike again in the future."

Dena Brockhouse,

Human Resources Director

Mercy Hospital, Iowa City


For Business

"Mike is a tremendous and captivating speaker with a fantastic, encouraging and inspiring message.  Mike is certainly the best speaker we have ever had.  I highly recommend Mike..."

Mike Parker is a Dynamic Speaker with a Life-Changing message. Your audience will laugh, learn and be inspired like never before. Mike is considered one of the most gifted storytellers and passionate speakers you will ever see. With his ideal mix of enthusiasm and humor, and captivating motivational stories, Mike is the perfect professional speaker for your next event.

His very successful motivational presentations are jam packed full of strategies and techniques that will help people, leaders and groups build trust, resolve conflicts and create positive relationships that will provide everyone with lasting inspiration.

Mike believes that inside every human being beats the Heart of a Champion!

For at least one brief moment each of us has experienced the incredible potential that lies inside. Some experience it more often than others, but every one of us has experienced it, and longs to make it an every day occurrence.

​The next level awaits us all, but first we must find what it takes for us individually and collectively, personally and professionally, to Ignite Our Full Potential.

Change, Challenge and Adversity are part of personal and professional life; how we deal with them is a matter of choice. Mike has been delivering motivational presentations at conference meetings, schools, seminars and workshops for over 15 years. Mike is driven by his passion to help others achieve more than they ever thought possible by Igniting Their Full Potential. 

A truly gifted motivational speaker, Mike's presentations touch the hearts and the minds of his audiences for years to come.

A master storyteller and inspirational speaker, Mike challenges his audiences to be positive in the face of negativity and will help them see the great rewards that come along with winning this emotional battle. The results are outstanding growth, greater productivity, renewed passion and team success.

It is amazing what is possible when people are motivated. Everyone wants to succeed but they need help getting and staying motivated.

Mike not only motivates and inspires people, he empowers them to take action that will lead to new levels of success and Ignite their Full Potential.

​Would your employees, organization, group or team like to enjoy a NEW level of MOTIVATION?