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Mike Parker
Iowa City, Iowa

Coaching Fees

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How does Coaching with Mike Parker Work?

The structure of a coaching partnership with Mike is flexible.  Mike will design a coaching arrangement that meets your individual needs and schedule. Most coaching sessions take place on the phone but can be done in person or through email, whichever the client desires. Some of Mike's clients have weekly coaching sessions, while others have sessions on a bi-weekly, monthly or random basis.  Together, we will define the length and frequency that best fits your needs.

  • An initial two-hour session to create a coaching plan (in-person or by phone)
  • Two Planning Sessions (in-person or by phone)
  • Regular on-going coaching sessions (in-person or by phone)

Can you completely rely on yourself to get everything you want and need out of life? Would you benefit from someone guiding you and helping you stay focused on your goals?

  • You are not your past
  • You are not your failures
  • You are the next great success story
  • You are going to achieve more than ever before

Coaching Packages

Mike's individual coaching fee is $100 for an initial two-hour strategy session. During your initial two-hour session together we will clarify your goals and create a coaching strategy plan that will get you into action and on to success.

After this initial session, the fee is $100 per month for two to four 30 minute coaching calls or in-person sessions, and unlimited between session coaching emails, texts or quick calls.

Other coaching packages and fees are available. Large groups, couples, or two friends may team up and be coached at the same time.  The fee for groups, couples or friends is $50 per person per month.

Mike also works with clients on an hourly and project-by-project basis.